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Perl Training Courses from GBdirect: An Overview

Perl Courses

We currently offer the following instructor-led Perl courses:

The Perl programming language

Perl (the ‘Practical Extraction And Reporting Language’, originally called ‘Pearl’) is a programming language written by and for working programmers: it aims to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal).

Perl is the language of choice for CGI scripting and web development, but is at least as effective and popular for general text handling, system administration, database access, system interaction, XML processing, system integration, e-commerce… and a host of other applications.

Characteristics which make Perl so powerful and adaptable:

  • Cross-compatible implementations on all major platforms
  • Module-based specialisation keeps the core language lean and mean, while making available a large library of reusable library code
  • A comprehensive suite of tools for creating, using, managing, and extending features

Perl training: the GBdirect perspective

For many years now, GBdirect's consultants have been implementing industrial strength Perl solutions in most of the fields listed above. That experience directly informs our Perl training courses and modules.

All of our Perl courses teach you how to select and apply the best Perl tools and techniques to do a specific job.

Unlike many other trainers, however, we concentrate on instilling the fundamental techniques and problem-solving philosphy of Perl, rather than on merely visiting every topic in the language. The landscape of Perl is simply too vast to explore its every nook and cranny in that way.

Whilst our Perl courses highlight the key landmarks and gotchas in each specialist application, their emphasis is on Perl map-reading skills; providing the platform for independent learning into the future.

We can also provide customized Perl training, building on our large suite of Perl course modules across many more specialisms and degrees of difficulty. These modules can be combined in a variety of ways to produce any number of specialist Perl courses.

With judicious selection, a purchasing company can build itself a bespoke Perl training solution from these modules at a fraction of the usual cost.

The vast majority of our Perl training modules and their hands-on exercises are delivered in a quarter day. A few exceptional modules last a half day, because cross-dependencies in their content dictate a specific sequence of progress.

Please contact our Perl training advisors for help in assembling a course with appropriate content, speed of progress, prerequisite knowledge, and consistent subject matter, etc.